Concepción 41 is a critical space, open to creative and experimental artistic practices and the development of cultural knowledge focused on interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborations based on dialogue and production.

The goal of C41 is to promote the considered interaction between various disciplines – visual arts, architecture, video, music, literature, poetry, dance – by inviting resident artists interested in contributing to the development of this collaborative dynamic.





Located in La Antigua, Guatemala, C41 is sited in what was formerly the convent of La Concepcion, built in the 17th century, and destroyed by the earthquake of 1773.

The house is centered upon the convents’ original entry portal, and opens onto a great landscaped courtyard, surrounded by an arcade with generous corridors. The central courtyard leads to the open land adjacent to the ruins of the former church, an area to become an artist work space, exhibition and installation space, as well as a space to host open forum events, symposiums and workshops.




C41 aims to promote and create a body of art and experimental work through three different components:

RESIDENT ARTISTS selected through a juried process or by invited curators
WORKSHOPS, EVENTS and SYMPOSUIMS led by invited artists or curators
EXHIBITION SPACE to exhibit work by resident artists and traveling shows


Concepcion 41 is a project supported by the New York Foundation for the Arts Fiscal Sponsorship program.  nyfa_logo