A first curatorial and artistic experience in Concepcion 41, a contemporary art project situated in what was historically the convent of La Concepcion in La Antigua Guatemala.

In its classical sense, a monument (from latin monumentum, “memory”) is an architectural piece, preferably with artistic, historic or social value for the group for whom it was erected. Initially, the term was applied exclusively to the structure that was built in memory of a relevant character or event. But its use was extended and has come to imply any historic construction located within an urban nucleus or a removed rural setting.

INMONUMENTAL gathers a group of artists that react upon a charged space and its monumental presence to explore other means of interpretation. It is a mobilization of the idea that monuments contain, represent, and fix, in order to advance through other senses of memory, politics and democracy. In an epoch of broken icons and fragile ideologies, this project promotes an experience in transit, where the intention is to imagine, while at the same time speculate beyond the walls of a monument.


Regina Jose Galindo/Rosa Chavez
Alejandro Paz/Gabriel Rodriguez
David Karma Davis/Alberto Rodriguez
Conversation with participating artists led by PROYECTOS ULTRAVIOLETAS

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