This project took place during the course of one full day.  It began with a collective Happening that emerged from the concept of Landscape.  In this Happening artists of different formations, backgrounds, interests, amateurs, professionals, classic landscape painters, photographers, artists interested in landscape in its historic, conceptual or philosophic dimension.  All were invited to paint, photograph, make installations, performances, yoga, etc.  There was no age limit.  Adults and children could participate, and anyone that wanted to interact with the space and the various human gestures, through the multiplicity and disparity that exists within the comprehension of what constitutes a landscape.  Each person brought their own materials and media.  There were materials available for children.  In a complimentary fashion, there was an informal discussion where scholars, poets, investigators and academics participated.  The space was dedicated to open discussion and reflection about one of the great referents of contemporary art in Guatemala:  the Landscape.

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This space of discussion proposed to introduce the participants in the understanding of that other history of landscape with the aim of opening a new mode of study about the background, the subtext, the origin itself of the idea of landscape in art and how it has subsisted within the collective imaginary.

The main objective of the conversation is to displace the traditional gaze towards the analysis of the place that traditional landscapes played in the construction of the State-Nation, the definition and reinterpretation of the territories-resources-properties of the new republics, etc.  There will also be an essential reflection about the derivatives and the contemporary urban landscapes that our imaginaries inhabit, defined by the new economies of control, the biopolitics, psicopolitics, etc.


Alejandro Flores

Anabella Acevedo

Arturo Taracena

Carlota McAllister

Carmen Lucía Alvarado Benítez

Mónica Mazariegos

Vania Vargas

Julio Serrano

Rosina Cazali